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The new version 2.0.0 will use GIT instead than SVN, and it will require a different installation and build process. Instructions will be rewritten as soon as the migration to GIT will be complete.

The simplified installation uses an executable installer for deploying the Chrono::Engine SDK on your system. Such installer also adds a new wizard to your Microsoft Visual Studio C++ IDE, so that you can easily start and compile a new project.

This approach is over simplified compared to the full installation, but it also has some limitations:

  • requirements are:
    • Windows [XP/7/Vista] - there's no installer for Linux
    • Microsoft Visual C++ compiler [Express/Visual Studio, 9.0/10.0]
  • the installer does not deploy .cpp source files (only .h headers are installed)
  • using the SVN to get the code is more complex than using this installer, but it is more powerful.
  • using the CMake build tool to compile your programs is more complex than using the wizard, but it is more powerful.

Follow these steps.


File:Checkmark.png Check/Install a C++ compiler

Supported and tested compilers for the simplified installation are:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 9.0/10.0 (professional and Express releases, both 64 and 32 bit)

In case you do not have a C++ compiler, you can install the free Microsoft Visual C++ Express, see the Download page.

File:Checkmark.png Download the Irrlicht library

Please download the free Irrlicht Engine and unzip it in whatever directory.

File:Checkmark.png Install the precompiled Chrono::Engine SDK

  • Go to Download, download the installer for the precompiled SDK.
  • Run the installer. When requested, set the path of the SDK to same directory, such as "C:\ChronoEngine". Note: do not install in some directory where you do not have permissions, otherwise the build process might fail, later.
  • If all was fine, you can find the ChronoEngine entry in the Start menu of Windows. You can read the docs, run the demos, etc.

File:Checkmark.png Run the wizard

To develop your C++ program using Chrono::Engine, read the instructions in this page.

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