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The new version 2.0.0 will use GIT instead than SVN, and it will require a different build process. Instructions will be rewritten as soon as the migration to GIT will be complete.

The full Chrono::Engine project, including source code, is hosted in a SVN repository. This technology allows everyone to get the latest version from the server.

  • The default access to the SVN is read-only for everyone.
  • The access to the SVN is read+write access for the Chrono::Engine developer team.

If you want to join the Chrono::Engine developer team and become a developer that actively contributes in expanding the Chrono::Engine features, you can contact us and we will give you a username/password for read+write access, so that you can also submit changes.

Since 6/2/2012, the guest access is not available anymore. Interested developers should ask us a reserved account.

Download a SVN client

The SVN technology is described in general at [1]. There are many clients that can be installed on your PC for using SVN: one of the most user-friendly tools, with user interface, is

In Linux, you can use the command line (after you installed SVN with sudo apt-get install subversion , ex. for Ubuntu) or you can add a client with user interface such as

  • RapidSVN (for Linux)
  • KDesvn (for Linux, for example, in Ubuntu type sudo apt-get install subversion kdesvn kompare)

Checkout the SVN

In most SVN clients there is a window or a menu to perform the SVN checkout of the SVN repository. For instance, if you installed TortoiseSVN, you simply

  1. create a directory
  2. select it with the mouse
  3. press the right mouse button on the directory icon
  4. select the SVN checkout in the popu menu
  5. enter in the field "URL of repository"
  6. press OK
  7. enter guest as user, and guest as password.

The checkout should start, and after few minutes all files are copied to your directory.

Since 6/2/2012, the guest access is not available anymore. Interested developers should ask us a reserved account.

Update and Commit

The Checkout operation must be done only one time. Later, you can use SVN update to have your directory sync-ed with the latest changes that other developers submitted to the repository, that will be downloaded automatically. In TortoiseSVN, just select the directory and use the right mouse button.

Viceversa, if you modify something in the source code of Chrono::Engine and you want to submit it to the repository, you can use the command SVN commit. Please note that guest users have read-only access and cannot commit changes (the SVN will return an error message if you try), so you must become part of the Chrono::Engine developer team if you want to submit contributions.

If you want to browse the repository via web, just follow this link: But note that you need a SNV client to do serious stuff.

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