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Chrono user group meeting
13-14 May 2014


The first meeting of Chrono::Engine users took place at the University of Wisconsin, USA, within the W-FACE initiative. The Chrono Interest Group Meeting was attended by researchers from universities (University of Iowa, University of Wisconsin, University of Parma) and companies such as Caterpillar, Harley-Davidson, Statoil-ASA, Oshkosh, MSC, SimLab Soft, Open Source Robotics Foundation, WACC and others. Future development of Chrono::Engine has been discussed.

New web site layout
25 November 2013


The website has been redesigned with new logos and a new structure for documentation and indexes. Most important, the website reflects the new architecture of the ProjectChrono initiative: ProjectChrono becomes a container for sub-projects as Chrono::Engine, Chrono::SolidWorks, Chrono::PyEngine, etc.

GIT repository
15 September 2013


The porting to the new GIT repository on has been completed. Now ProjectChrono is OpenSource.

New tutorials
13 September 2013


New tutorials have been added to the Wiki, for instance demo_irr_assets, demo_import_solidworks, and for the PyChrono::Engine there are demo_solidworks and demo_masonry. By the way: the new release of Chrono::Engine is almost ready.

New mailing list
11 June 2013


We created a new forum using Google Groups. This will serve also as a mailing list for the development team. There is also an embedded version here.

New co-simulation unit
27 November 2012


A new co-simulation unit has been developed. This allows Chrono::Engine to cooperate with another simulation software. In detail, we use Simulink to simulate hydraulic systems, electrical power systems and controls, that can interact with Chrono::Engine mechanisms by running in parallel.

New build system under development
20 October 2012


The build system of Chrono::Engine has been modified: after compilation, the binaries (.exe, .dll, etc.) won't be placed in the ChronoEngine/bin/ directory, as before, but they will be generated in the output directory that you choose in CMake. This makes the support of new platforms easier. A new nightly build system is under development, so that precompiled binaries and libraries will be periodically generated for free download for everyone.

PyChrono::Engine v.1.6.0
18 July 2012


The beta release of PyChrono::Engine has been released. An installer if freely available at the Download page. The PyChrono::Engine is a set of Python modules that install over your Python environment, and allow to use Chrono::Engine v.1.6.0 via the Python programming language, without the need of using C++.

Chrono::Engine Add-in v.1.6.0 for SolidWorks
18 July 2012


The beta release v.1.6.0 of the Chrono::Engine Add-In for SolidWorks has been released and it is available for download. Users will be able to model mechanisms within SolidWorks, then they can export a Chrono::Engine file (in Python language) that can be later load in C++ or Python programs, for performing simulations.

Chrono::Engine API v.1.6.0 released
16 July 2012


The release 1.6.0 of Chrono::Engine has been released and binaries are freely downloadable from the Download section. Among the new features:

  • New unit_POSTPROCESS, for automated generation of scripts for POVray etc.
  • New 'asset' objects, that can be assigned to ChPhysicsItems. Used in the new postprocessing system.
  • New asset of 'ChCamera' type. Cameras can be added to moving objects.
  • New asset of 'ChAssetLevel' type, that contains sub-assets.
  • New ChPovRayAssetCustom in unit_POSTPROCESS. Allows adding custom POVray chuncks of code to the output .pov files (ex. materials, finishing, pigments, etc.)
  • New unit_PYTHON. This unit, once compiled, allows users to use Chrono::Engine from Python because a library is deployed among the 'modules' of Python.
  • New unit_PYPARSER. It can be used by C++ programs to execute Python statements, scripts, etc.
  • Updated to Irrlicht 1.7.3.
  • New ChLinkMate class, with ChLinkMateGeneric, ChLinkMatePlan, etc, They can represent the typical 'mating' constraints in assemblies of typical 3D CADs.
  • New ChTriangleMeshSoup and ChTriangleMeshConnected improved triangle mesh classes.
  • File logging of system matrices and vectors.
  • New ChMaterialSurface object that can be shared among multiple parts.
  • New contact properties: compliance, damping, rolling and spinning friction.
  • New in CHirrAppInterface class: single-step of realtime simulations, by pressing the 'p' key, and pause by pressing the 'space' key.
  • New solver based on spectral gradient method (Barzilai-Borwein).
  • New ChBodyAuxRef, where the COG is displaced respect to reference.
  • New unit_CASCADE, to load CAD models in STEP format
  • New demos and bug fixes.

News are moved to the Wiki
10 July 2012


The 'news' page has been moved into this Wiki system, for easier maintenance. Other pages have been added to the Wiki. From now on, look at the news in this page.

Chrono::Engine API v.1.3.0 released
1 March 2011


The release 1.3.0 of Chrono::Engine has been released and binaries are freely downloadable from the Download section. Among the new features:

  • Build system is completely based on CMake
  • New API building process for exporting symbols from the dll.
  • New demos.
  • Various bug fixes.

New web site
2 February 2011


The web site for the CHRONO::ENGINE project has been moved to A new WIKI section has been added for the documentation.

Chrono::Engine API v.1.3.0 released
30 October 2010


The new release 1.1.0 of the Chrono::Engine is available. Among the new features of this release:

  • new 'conveyor' object
  • new examples
  • new cohesion contact property
  • porting on the 64 bit platforms is ready
  • porting on the Linux version is ready
  • various improvements and bug fixes

Chrono::Engine API v.0.9.0 released
23 February 2010


The new release 0.9.0 of the Chrono::Engine is available. Among the new features of this release:

  • new '1D' physical items to simulate powertrains, with clutches, brakes, motors, etc.
  • new examples
  • new convex decomposition functions, with example,
  • new graphical tool to see the effect of convex decompositions,
  • updated to newest Bullet and Irrlicht libraries,
  • convex hulls can be loaded from files, with '.chull' file format.

Chrono::Engine API v.0.8 released
10 July 2009


The new release v.0.8 introduces many bug fixes and new features. This is a major release. Since the previous releases v.0.5, v.0.6 and v.0.7 were available only to developers, please read the new features introduced also in those releases. Among the main new features introduced in the latest v.0.8:

  • Rolling friction and spinning friction.
  • Support of Matlab, to plot data or exploit co-simulation, etc.
  • Major changes in the class hierarchy for contacts management.
  • SetCustomComputeCollisionCallback() interface has been changed.
  • SetCustomCollisionPointCallback() interface has been changed.
  • Lot of class refactoring, to prepare the API for future support of flexible parts.
  • Many new classes (for example ChPhysicsItem), improved OOP design.

Chrono::Engine API v.0.7 released
10 Maj 2009


The new release v.0.7 introduces the following features:

  • object picking: press the middle-mouse-wheel and drag objects in Irrlicht demos.
  • various bug fixes in collision system and GPU solver.
  • improved control of iterative solver parameters.

Chrono::Engine API v.0.6 released
6 March 2009


The new release v.0.6 introduces the following features:

  • improved GPU - CUDA solver (not released in the base package).
  • rigid body sleeping.
  • custom camera for Irrlicht 3D viewing
  • class ChIrrAppInterface to ease the creation of applications.
  • press 'i' in Irrlicht demos to show debugging/info window.
  • improved visualization functions in ChIrrWizard

Chrono::Engine API v.0.5 released
25 December 2008


The new release v.0.5 introduces many bug fixes and new features, among them:

  • complete refactoring and speed improvement of the ChMatrix class, that is splitted in more specialized sub classes,
  • support of VisualStudio 2008. Support of VisualStudio 2005 is dropped.
  • speed improvements in LCP solver, and more efficient use of memory.
  • improved collision detection algorithms.
  • support of Irrlicht 1.5 (support of 1.4 is dropped).
  • new demos and examples.
  • fast CUDA solver (not included in the basic package).
  • porting to Linux platform completed (thank to Jean-Luc Charles).
  • 'wizard' for VisualStudio C++, automatically installed (easier creation of projects)
  • 'contact families' in collision detection.

ECCOMAS conference
27 June 2007


The Chrono::Engine middleware has been presented at the Multibody Dynamics 2007 ECCOMAS international conference, in Milano (25-28 June 2007). More than 200 researchers meet at the conference and presented recent theorethical developements and applications of multibody dynamics. Among these, also Chrono::Engine simulations, software architecture and mathematical foundations were presented.

The previous version of the News page, with older information, is available at

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