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The full Chrono::Engine project, including source code, is hosted in the GIT repository

This technology allows everyone to get the latest version from the server.

The GIT technology is described in general at , we invite you to read the basic principles of GIT on these and other web pages.

There are many methods to use GIT:

  • by command-line
  • by browsing the web interface at [1]
  • or via a graphical client.

Here are some suggestions.

Download a GIT client

There are many clients that can be installed on your PC for using SVN: one of the most user-friendly tools, with user interface, is

Clone the GIT

In most GIT clients there is a window or a menu to perform the GIT cloning of the GIT repository, that is you create a local copy on your hard disk of the remote repository. Cloning must be done only once.

Update, Commit, Pull, Push, ...

The usual pattern, on a periodic base, for developers, is the following:

  1. modify your files
  2. stage and commit the modifications to your local repo
  3. pull modifications from the remote repo, ex. changes made by other developers, and merge into your repo
  4. push your modifications to the remote repo, if you have credentials to do so.


If you want to join the Chrono::Engine developer team and become a developer that actively contributes in expanding the Chrono::Engine features, you can contact us. In most cases, a pull request will be sufficient to handle modifications to the project.

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