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Entry level demo about how to use Matlab(TM) to plot Chrono::Engine data, to perform computations, etc. This example requires that you own a copy of Matlab(TM), properly installed on your system (if you do not have Matlab(TM) installed and you try to execute demo_matlab.exe, it will give an error because it cannot load the Matlab engine dll).

This tutorial shows how to:

  • do basic interaction with Matlab (copy matrices from/to Matlab workspace)
  • plot data using Matlab.

Note that the unit_MATLAB is used.

#include "physics/ChApidll.h"
#include "physics/ChSystem.h"
#include "unit_MATLAB/ChMatlabEngine.h"

// Use the namespace of Chrono

using namespace chrono;

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
	// The DLL_CreateGlobals() - DLL_DeleteGlobals(); pair is needed if
	// global functions are needed.

	// Better put the Matlab stuff inside a try{}, since it may throw exception if
	// the engine is not started (because Matlab not properly installed)
		GetLog() << "(please wait few seconds: Matlab engine must be loaded)\n\n";

		// This is the object that you can use to access the Matlab engine.
		// As soon as created, it loads the Matlab engine (if troubles happen, it
		// throws exception).

		ChMatlabEngine matlab_engine;

		// EXAMPLE 1: execute a Matlab command

		GetLog() << "- Execute plotting command from Chrono::Engine...\n\n";

		matlab_engine.Eval("z=peaks(25); \
						    surf(z);  \
							colormap(jet); \
							pause(4); \

		// EXAMPLE 2: pass a Chrono matrix to Matlab

		GetLog() << "- Send some data to Matlab for operations and plotting...\n\n";

		ChMatrixDynamic<> m_time(30,1);
		ChMatrixDynamic<> m_sine(30,1);
		for(int i=0; i<30; i++)
			m_time(i,0)= ((double)i/30.)*5.;
			m_sine(i,0)= sin ( m_time(i,0) *2.);
		matlab_engine.PutVariable(m_time, "m_time");
		matlab_engine.PutVariable(m_sine, "m_sine");
		matlab_engine.Eval("figure; plot(m_time,m_sine);");

		// EXAMPLE 3: pass a Matlab matrix to Chrono

		GetLog() << "- Fetch some data from Matlab...\n\n";


		ChMatrixDynamic<double> m_matr;
		matlab_engine.GetVariable(m_matr, "m_matr");
		GetLog() << m_matr;

		// Wait some seconds before closing all


	catch (ChException mex)
		GetLog() << mex.what(); // Print error on console, if Matlab did not start.

	// Remember this at the end of the program, if you started
	// with DLL_CreateGlobals();

	return 0;
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