This site is a meeting point for researchers working on contact dynamics using numerical, theoretical and experimental approaches, with emphasis on computer simulation methods.

Academic institutions and labs can exploit the resources of this site to share ideas, pubblications, discussions, software.

In detail, a bullettin board forum can be used to exchange hints and to coordinate projects between research teams, as well as to help new programmers that are interested in using the Chrono::Engine software library, a multibody physics library that most of the teams of this site are already using for simulating mechanisms and complex systems.

Also, the site hosts a SVN repository server with C++ source code, that can be used for the joint development of Chrono::Engine and other software projects (if you are interested in accessing the SVN, ask the webmaster how to do).

Collaborating with:

Here is a partial list of Universities, companies, research centers that either collaborate or sponsored our research projects, or use our Chrono::Engine software.

University of Parma

Politecnico di Milano

University of Pisa

University of Firenze