• C++ library for physics simulation
  • Export SolidWorks models to Chrono::Engine
  • Use Chrono::Engine as a Python module
  • Manage rendering assets with Maya
  •  Chrono::Engine unit for supporting GPU parallelism
  •  Chrono::Engine unit for supporting MPI parallelism
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ProjectChrono is a set of open-source tools for mechanical simulations.
The core of ProjectChrono is the Chrono::Engine C++ middleware, a powerful object-oriented set of libraries whose application program interface (API) can be freely used to develop simulation software. The Chrono::Engine project is based on a platform-independent, open-source design.

Other projects that build the ProjectChrono ecosystems are: Chrono::PyEngine, a set of Python modules that enable you to use Chrono::Engine in Python, Chrono::SolidWorks, an add-in for the SolidWorks 3D CAD, that can be used to export 3D models and geometries from the CAD to a file to be used in Chrono::Engine, Chrono::Render, a tool for managing the rendering of data outputs generated by simulations, Chrono::GPU, a library for enabling GPU parallel computation in Chrono::Engine, Chrono::Parallel, a library for enabling MPI parallel computation in Chrono::Engine, and other that will come in future.